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The three reasons for choosing Maize

Technology ivnovation,manfactuing professional, Servise excellent

Technology innovation

Leading microchanel cooling technology ,Optimize the product structure disgn.

Advanced high frequency welding technology and soldering process between copper,steel,aluminum etc matarial.

Optimize the heatchange parameter disgn ,New material development application

Manufacturing professional

Professional equipment ,manufacturing quality products。

Multivariat equaipment,manufacturing multivariat products

Precess standardization,operation sandardization ,industial automation,informationization

Service exellent

Communication rapid,after-service quickly

Relationship is harmonious,win-win and mutual benefit

Because professional,so excellent.Begin at customer demand,end at customer satisfaction.

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DateTime: 2015 - 10 - 27
In July 2015, Vertical slot head pipe component, applied in the air power  water heater of the condenser, flat tube groove direction parallel to the header pipe length, 25 X2, flat tube slot 24.5 X2, spacing of 33 or 35.But with gree, AO Smith condenser matching using air can water heater.Header pipe A4343 / A3003 material Φ 20 x20 are available, and Φ 20 x1. 8 specifications of the pipe, or A4343/3005 Φ 20 x1. 5 tubes. The burst pressure can be more than 13.6 Mpa
浏览次数: 71
DateTime: 2015 - 10 - 27
Double D header pipe components, used in 38 series, 50 series and parallel flow evaporator, oil cooler,
浏览次数: 46
DateTime: 2015 - 10 - 27
In November 2014,Header pipe components  withhold technology development success. Bracket and header pipe connection, replace the traditional spot welding process, the sewing worker alternative senior welder homework no empty wear bad welding or soldering
浏览次数: 78
DateTime: 2015 - 10 - 27
In December 2014, transmission spacers development success. Transmission spacer slot punch forming, the process 100% to prevent the leakage problem of traditional spacers, but also to eliminate the spacer loose hidden danger... ..
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Shanghai maize  auto parts co., LTD is located in Shanghai songjiang xinqiao development zone, in the field of automotive air conditioning and home air conditioning field, development microchannel condenser, evaporator, radiator and materials and components. Maize  company manufacturing base is located in jiangsu province, investment 280 million yuan, covers an area of 200 mu, building area of 42000 square meters.It  Committed to the production of heat exchange material, fabrication, assembly and soldering. the main products are heat exchanger header pipe  component, condenser, evaporator, radiator,oil cooler and other air conditioning fittings and accessories. The main customers are BeiEr, Sanhua, Gree, SanDian, LG, DENSO and the United States, South Korea and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Company advocates the spirit of struggle, to improve the innovation, and strive to realize the management, operation standardization, insti...
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